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This past 13th of June, my friend the great photographer, Mark Lobo, attended one of my calligraphy workshops in Melbourne. On this occasion, he also documented the 4-hour workshop focused on Copperplate Calligraphy.

The sessions are hosted at Rotson Studios, a gorgeous co-working space in the heart of Fitzroy, Melbourne (Australia). Mark Lobo did a great job and below are some examples:

Ink and paper are included in each session. If you need to buy material, I have spare nibs, nib holders and walnut ink available for sale on the day of the session.

Around 1pm we have a 20 minute break including snacks, fruit, cheese, tea and coffee. After the break I do a brief presentation about the historical context of the style of writing and I show examples of applied works by professional calligraphers, including artworks by Keith Adams, Amanda Adams and Oriol Miró.


Mark Lobo

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  • To anyone interested, the classes are fantastic! Maria is a really good teacher and is able to successfully keep track of students at any skill level in her classes. I loved every session that I attended (which was all 6) and would strongly recommend anyone interested in calligraphy and typography to attend.

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